My Christmas Wish List

Check out what I want most for Christmas this year!

I wanted to share with you “My Christmas Wish list”. There are some really cool things on my list this year that I believe may interest you, especially if your a busy mom like myself.

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You can view or purchase any of the listed items by visiting this link:

Office Items on My Christmas Wish List

Desk- I am loving this white desk with gold accent legs. It is so stylish and perfect for any office or mom cave.

Clear desk chair- I am currently loving these trendy office chairs. They are so girly and glamorous.

Comfy Items on My Christmas Wish List

Comfy robe- This adorable printed robe is definitely on my list of must haves. I am a homebody, so I have to have comfy apparel when I’m at home.

Comfy slippers- These super plush slippers are so gorgeous. They are also reasonably priced.

Food and Beverage Related Items on My Christmas Wish List

Pink Keurig- I’m not sure if it’s still on sale for $49.99, but I definitely will still grab this item off of the shelves. It’s super girly and I’ve been loving my coffee in the morning lately.

Kate Spade Lunch Bag- Who doesn’t love a trendy lunchbag? I am a “pink” freak.

Other Items on My List

Rose Gold Kate Spade Bangle- How gorgeous is this bangle? It can be worn with just about anything.

Cricut- I am so anxious to get one of these. I love being creative and I know a Cricut will give me that extra boost if creativity.

Kate Spade Airpod Case- I love a cute Airpod case. This case will definitely be added to my new collection.

That completes my list! If you are interested in any of the items above, you can view them and/or purchase them by visiting this link:

If you’re a mother with a toddler girl, you should also check out my “Toddler Girl Gift Ideas” post:

Thanks so much for reading, please leave any thoughts and comments below.

12 thoughts on “My Christmas Wish List

  1. Grislean

    OMG I am with you. I really have been wanting a Keurig and that pink one is adorable. I didn’t even know they had one in pink!

    Grislean |

    1. highheelsandmotherhood

      Yes! It’s so cute right? They’re actually running a great deal on it right now!

  2. JoJo Hall

    Lobe this post, it has so many great ideas for Christmas!!

    1. highheelsandmotherhood


  3. Sabrina

    That pink Keurig machine is calling my name! I didn’t know it came in that colour and we also need a new machine soon…hehe

    I’m in need of a new lunch bag as well and I am a huge fan of everything Kate Spade but I had no idea that they made them!

    Thank you for an awesome list!!!

    1. highheelsandmotherhood

      Isn’t it adorable? Yes the lunchbag is so cute! Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Natalie Barletta

    These are great gifts. I love my Keurig and I love how versatile it is!

  5. Erica @ Blog Life With Erica

    This is a great list. I am pretty simple. Some people think that robes and slippers are crappy gifts but I love them!

    xo Erica

    1. highheelsandmotherhood

      Yes! I think they make awesome gifts, especially during this time.

  6. Chocoviv

    So many nice things!

  7. Ciara

    Those furry house shoes look so comfortable

    1. highheelsandmotherhood

      yes girl! I just received them as a gift!

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