A Roundup of My Current Favorite Podcasts

Hey mamas!

So today I wanted to give you all some really great podcasts that I’ve found that have really provided great inspiration for me on a daily basis. I am currently looking for more African American women based podcasts focused on entrepreneurship and blogging, so if you know of any please leave them below. For now I’ll share my current favorites with you all and hope that you’ll find them just as inspirational.

She Means Business- Carrie Green. This podcast is one that I love because she has a mix of short and long podcasts that provide motivation for you to keep going toward your entrepreneurial goals. You can tell she’s really passionate about helping others achieve their goals and I enjoy tuning in.
The Goal Digger podcast by Jenna Kutcher- I really love her enthusiasm, she also provides a mix of long and short podcasts that are motivating and that’ll help you focus on the most important things within your business.

Business SHET podcast – Mimi G Styles is a podcast by one of my favorite entrepreneurs. She literally started from the ground up and has built her brand into something so amazing. This podcast is more on the raw and honest side which is why I love it. She discusses a range of topics from running a successful business to discussing the hardships of having a business and ways to overcome them.

The Influencer podcast – focuses on helping influencers reach their influencer goals by using social media properly. I love this podcast because she’ll discuss things that you may not necessarily have thought you needed to focus on. This is definitely a podcast where you’ll be learning great skills on becoming an influencer.

Girl Boss Radio- Sophia Amoruso- now some of you may know of the famous Girlboss Sophia Amoruso from her line of clothing – Nasty Gal. I love this podcast because she talks with a variety of guests who come from different walks of business. This podcast will give you a more diverse look on entrepreneurship and ways to approach your own business.

Those are my current favs, but if you have some podcasts that you’d recommend please leave them below, I’d love to check them out!

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