5 Ways To Stay Productive & Organized

We all want to be a superwoman with 8 arms, but unfortunately that just isn’t the case. Some of us have extra help to help lessen the stress and others just don’t, and unfortunately being a mother in general is a full time job. So I’m here today to give you some extra tips to stay on top of things when you feel like you just can’t catch a break.

  1. Use a planner- This is so important! Having a planner is one of the best ways to organize your day. You can not afford to have 20 items on your to do list and forget about 18 of them because you didn’t simply write them down. I know it may seem a little time consuming at times. However, it can take you 5 mins or less to write things down in your planner. Here’s a link to the planner that I am currently using. I love this planner because it has a simple layout and it allows me to write career, financial and personal goals for up to 1 year in the beginning pages of this planner. I’d highly recommend this one, however if this planner doesn’t seem like a great fit there are hundreds of quality planners out there. https://amzn.to/2JOlux0
  2. Figure out what’s priority- while creating your to do list, order things in order of importance. I don’t do this because my to do lists are typically large, but I do highlight those that are a *must to get done throughout the day. Either or are both effective, whichever writing style works best for you. This is super important because sometimes we’ll lolly gag throughout the day, doing the super easy stuff to try to avoid the hard tasks. It can be tough at times but it’s important to get those priority tasks done. It’ll make your life easier and you’ll feel so relieved once you finish them. Plus, you’ll have so much more free time one you are finished.
  3. Take a self care break- This is so important to do, especially if you’re a mom. Sometimes we get so caught up in mommy duties that we start to forget that we are still human and need some type of break or we will crash. I used to rush to day care to get my daughter right after work, and most days I still do. However, if there’s something quick that I want to do like go to my local grocery store and do some Shopkicks or just take a couple extra minutes to listen to a couple of my favorite songs on the radio that’s what I do. I used to feel so guilty for leaving my baby at daycare, and I still do sometimes, however sometimes I have to remind myself that I deserve a short break and it’s ok for me to have a self-care moment. Us moms need to be able to function so that we can give our little ones all of the love and care that they deserve and if we aren’t taking care of ourselves we’ll be cranky and our little ones can feel that. So take sometime for yourself, things will be so much better with a happy mama around.
  4. Organize something a couple of days per week- This will keep you from having to deep clean your house every single day and it’ll also keep you from having a super junkie house that you may not always feel like cleaning. Whether it’s your baby’s closet, a cabinet in the kitchen, or a clothing drawer. Keeping up with making sure the house is organized weekly will relieve so much stress and you’ll feel so much more happy and comfortable in a clean and organized house.
  5. Listen to a positive podcast and/or an audiobook- this is something that I’ve started doing daily as a way to keep myself motivated. You can listen while you’re doing the dishes, cleaning the bathroom, or even when you’re driving. I make this a priority because it’s my way of keeping hope alive on all of my dreams and goals. My latest audiobook was You Are A Bad Ass by Jen S. I highly recommend. I’ve attached the link if you’re interested in checking this one out. Super motivating and honest.

There are so many more things you can do to keep productive and stay organized but these are just a handful that I do regularly to help me get through the day. If you have any other productivity or organization tips please leave them below, I’d love to read them and I’m sure other moms would to. Until next time mama!


4 thoughts on “5 Ways To Stay Productive & Organized

  1. Surabhi Kaushik

    Enjoyed reading your post. Thanks for the helpful tips. I particularly liked the first one about making a list / using a planner. It is a fool proof way to ensure that you do not forget anything.

    1. highheelsandmotherhood

      Thanks so much! I love that you enjoyed it and yes using a planner is definitely a great way to stay productive and on top of tasks.

  2. Lauren

    Great tips for staying organized! I love the idea of listening to an audio book while cleaning. I will definitely try that next time.

    1. highheelsandmotherhood

      Thanks love! Yes, it is super relaxing and actually helps me to get whatever household chores I’m doing done faster because I’m super in tune with whatever audiobook or podcast I’m listening to.

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