5 Ways to Deal with a Long-Distance Relationship

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Many people across the world are living apart from their partner. Whether part-time or long-term, relationships from afar can be tricky business. 

I have experience of being in a long-distance relationship, and so I know it can be tough. While I am no relationship expert, this list provides some helpful tips on how to make your time apart that little bit easier- and some important rules to live by if your relationship is going to last while you’re living away from your partner.

Communication, communication, communication

I think this is an obvious one, but communication is so important to any healthy relationship. And it becomes ten times more important to communicate with each other when you’re in a long-distance relationship. Whether you’re annoyed at something your partner is doing, or you want to suggest something new- always remember to communicate your feelings.

Communication is not just about talking all the time- it’s also about the type of discussions you’re having. When you’re apart, you can’t pick up on body language or hints, and so it’s all the more important to participate in healthy, open discussions about your feelings. 

Spend evenings together

Evenings alone can be long and boring, especially if you don’t live with friends or family. So why not fill them with a virtual activity with your partner. I love watching something with my boyfriend in the evenings, messaging him at the same time as watching a show or film. 

It can just help to keep feeling close to your partner, even if it’s not the same as being together in person. You could also vary these activities, playing a virtual quiz, or video-calling your partner right before bed. 

Find new ways to communicate

There are a million different ways to communicate these days- from instant messaging to long phone calls, find ways to communicate that suit you and your partner. This could be messaging through the day and having a long call every few days, or waiting to video call at the end of the week so you have plenty to share. 

Whatever works for your relationship, there’s a mode of communication that will suit you! It’s also always a great idea to vary your communication methods, so why not send your partner a cute gift in the morning- or a personal voice message before bed.

Find support elsewhere

It’s so important to find support from those around you when you’re in a difficult situation, such as a long distance relationship. Of course, it’s always important to talk to your partner when you’re feeling down, and every healthy relationship needs to support each other, even from a distance.

However, it can also be helpful to have a circle of friends and family who can support you through the tough times. This means you don’t always have to rely on your partner for support/ You can find ways to have fun with your friends while you and your partner are apart. You never know, your friends may be in the same situation as you. So they will understand the trials and tribulations of long distance relationships as much as you.

Plan ahead as much as possible

At the moment, it’s impossible to plan too far in advance. However, once it’s easier to make plans, it’s a great idea to plan ahead. You could decide to see each other every 2 weeks, or every few months- depending on your situation.

By planning in advance, it means you’ll always have something to look forward to. Especially if you don’t like being apart from your partner for long stretches of time. If you’re both studying and working, life can be busy. Putting aside some time aside for each other is very healthy- and can also avoid any arguments. On a practical note, it can also be cheaper to book hotel rooms or tickets in advance!

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I hope these tips come in handy the next time you and your partner face considerable time living apart. The important thing to remember is that just because you’re apart, it doesn’t mean your relationship can’t keep growing stronger, and that you can’t enjoy the time you spend apart.

If anything, your relationship may just flourish as you realize that this is the person you want to be with- through the good times and the bad.

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  1. Darina

    Being in a long distance relationship can take a real toll on you. Those tips are so useful and should be implemented. Thank you for sharing.

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