10 Ways To Thrive In Motherhood

Today I wanted to offer up “10 Ways To Thrive In Motherhood” that will help you find that work/life balance. As a mother it can be overwhelming at times, so it’s important to make the most of your time. Below, I’ve created a well thought out list to assist you along the way:

Ways To Thrive In Motherhood By Making Self Care A Priority

Set A Schedule- Whenever your children are sleeping or doing other activities should be your “me time”. This time can be used to catch up on work, blog posts, or rests.

Take a hot bath or shower- This is an amazing way to relax after a long day.

Treat yourself to a spa day- Whether at home or if you can splurge on a spa day, take it! You deserve the best and if you won’t put your self care first, no one will.

Ways To Thrive In Motherhood By Spending Quality Time With Your Children

Quality vs. quantity- I myself used to think that spending all of my time with my daughter is what was best. However, she is now two and very impressionable. I am learning that the time spent with her is what will count the most in the end.

Thrive By Getting Organized

Create a to do list- Regardless if there is one or ten things on your list, creating one is what’s important. This will help to organize your thoughts and jot down what needs accomplished.

Create a vision board- As a mother it can be difficult to look at the future when you can barely get through the day. However, if you know what you’re trying to accomplish, you’ll know what to do to get it done.

Use a planner- This is very similar to creating a to do list. However, planning things out in advance will definitely help you get clear on your goals.

Thrive By Asking For Help

Ask your parent(s) or other family members- This can be very tough, but getting help with children is more important than you may think. It’ll allow you extra time for self care and will allow your child time to build bonds with family members that you trust.

Enroll them in school or get a sitter– This is only a suggestion and can be difficult. However, be sure to do a thorough background check on the school or sitter. Also be sure that cameras are around so you’ll always know what’s going on.

Get therapy- Sometimes you just need someone to talk to or an outlet to gather your thoughts. Try out therapy or counseling a couple of times a month and see if it proves to be helpful. Any opportunity to take better care of yourself is always a great opportunity.

This is a website for WOC, but I highly suggest checking it out. I was referred to this site by a family member and I love how easy it is to navigate through. https://therapyforblackgirls.com/

Although this is a short list, I hope that you’ve found one thing that can be of help to you. If you find something that seems useful or something that isn’t on the list please share it below.

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